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Bronze Age axe head

The bronze age lasted from around 3300 BCE to 1200 BCE. These axe heads were typically made from a mixture of copper and tin, which created a durable and sharp metal that was ideal for cutting and chopping. The axe head would have been attached to a wooden handle, which would have been secured in place with metal bands or rivets. Bronze Age axe heads varied in size and shape depending on their intended use. Some were designed for woodworking tasks, such as shaping logs or felling trees, while others were intended for use in combat. The axe head typically had a blade on one end and a pointed or rounded end on the other, which could be used for a variety of tasks. This one seems like it could have been a multi purpose weapon and tool.

Location: Lithuania

Weight: 15.3 oz

Size: 5.9x2 inches 

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